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Goetheanum, Rüttiweg 45, Dornach |

Biodynamic Trainer & Teacher Conference

Unfolding potential - building capacity for a common development in biodynamics

In November 2019 the Goetheanum is hosting a three-day conference on worldwide biodynamic training and further education. Sharing personal experience contributes to realising our own potential, and extending our knowledge and methods creates new resources and inspiration for further development.

The conference focuses on working together on specific questions to expand biodynamic training and further education. This will be facilitated by working groups, a world café and open space sessions. The conference comprises keynote speeches on the themes of individuality, learning processes, learning landscape and transformation, with supporting methodology throughout the programme. We want to learn how to transmit, inspire and work together while we do it!

Do you work in the field of training and further education in biodynamic agriculture? Do you give courses for farmers, traders or processors, or do you work as a lecturer or agriculturalist in full or part-time education? Then we look forward to working with you on the continuing development of biodynamic training and further education for the future.

Further information:

Flyer "Save the date" (PDF)

Conference Website with programme and online registration


Section for Agriculture
at the Goetheanum
Rüttiweg 45
4143 Dornach/Switzerland

Sarah Sommer (Section for Agriculture)
Petra Derkzen (Demeter International)
Phone +41 61 706 42 12

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