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Events from this field

Goetheanum, Dornach

100 Years Christmas Conference at the Goetheanum – That Good May Become

Cent'anni dopo il Convegno di Natale del 1923, il Goetheanum in collaborazione con la Società Antroposofica in Svizzera organizza un convegno dal programma particolarmente ricco, per «tentare di intensificare ulteriormente il lavoro e di portarlo avanti nel futuro nel senso di un inizio di svolta universale dei tempi».

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Goetheanum, Dornach |

100 Years Christmas Conference at the Goetheanum – That Good May Become

A conference of the General Anthroposophical Society and the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland

100 Jahre Weihnachtstagung am Goetheanum

Conference program (in German – English version will follow)

Dear conference members,

With the Christmas Conference of 1923/1924 Rudolf Steiner intended to found a ‘new human community’ for Anthroposophy, to promote, develop and ‘fully shape’ the Anthroposophical Society – for the human soul of today and awareness of urgent civilizational tasks. He aimed to introduce a ‘spirit of hope’ to the meeting and celebrate the ‘inner resurrection of the human soul’ at a difficult and challenging time. The Anthroposophical Society and its School of Spiritual Science were to be newly founded, both spiritually and socially, and they were indeed. A world society for Anthroposophy was initiated that took hold of its task of combining the most profound esotericism with full publicity. The School with its Sections and publications were also made public: the spiritual impulses needed to enter the world where they were urgently needed.

The Christmas Conference in 2023/2024 will attempt to commemorate a century of historical events, strengthen the Anthroposophical Society and the School on the basis of these events but in different circumstances, continue to work more intensively and carry this work into the future as the ‘start of a World Turning point of Time’. The challenges have not become smaller. The ‘courage to manage the anthroposophical affairs’ is called for today more than ever, as is the spirit of hope, the earnestness, warmth and joy that informed the mood of the conference.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Goetheanum on the occasion of the centenary of that event!

Peter Selg
for the preparation team on behalf of the Goetheanum Leadership and the Executive Council Constanza Kaliks, Justus Wittich, Matthias Girke, Ueli Hurter, Peter Selg, Stefan Hasler, Gerald Häfner, Clara von Recklinghausen, and in collaboration with the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland Clara Steinemann, Milena Kowarik and Marc Desaules


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