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Leading Thoughts - At the Dawn of the Age of Michael

Open Conference of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland

Die Leitsätze - Im Anbruch des Michael-Zeitalters
Picture: Rudolf Steiner's manuscript for Leading Thoughts: At the Dawn of the Age of Michael. CW 26, Goetheanum Archive

Spiritual Strength

This year the Swiss Anthroposophical Society’s conference addresses the socalled Michael Letters and Rudolf Steiner’s Leading Thoughts. He wrote these short compositions in the last part of his life, to the members of the newly founded Anthroposophical Society. These letters appeared shortly after one another, in the newsletter for members of the Anthroposophical Society. They are a motivational stimulus in exact thoughts for the life and functioning of a society whose members want to put spiritual life in the centre, in an up to date way. How modern and how future oriented they can be, is experienced when one studies these focussed writings more deeply.

The spiritual power that finds expression in the name of Micha-el, is apparent in the versatile descriptions in this text. A living realisation of this being, is made possible. The last letter: From Nature to Sub-nature, written just days before Rudolf Steiner died, appears as a liability, embracing the great tragedy of world development in future insightful images.

Through the talks in the conference the significance of these letters for the future and for our daily work will become clear. Aspects of how we deal with language and content of the texts, can be experienced through the eurythmy performances and demonstrations.

Milena Kowarik and Clara Steinemann


Friday, 15th February 2019

Delegates Meeting (by invitation)

Eurythmy : Foundation Stone Meditation - Goetheanum Eurythmy Ensemble, Head: Stefan Hasler
Lecture : The Significance of The Leading Thoughts for the Anthroposophical Society after the Christmas Conference – Peter Selg

Saturday, 16th February 2019

09 :00h
Lecture : Leading Thoughts as Inspiration for Working in Agriculture - Christian Hiss

10 :00h
Eurythmy: Demonstration of Rudolf Steiner’s Michael Imagination on research by S.O. Prokofieff - Euchore Ensemble, Head: Sara Kazakov

11 :30h

14 :15h

16 :00h
Annual General Meeting and Thoughts for the Dead (membership card required)

Eurythmy: On the Being of Michael - Eurythmeum CH, Head: Ingrid Everwijn


Sunday, 17th Februar 2019

School of Spiritual Science, 13th Lesson - held by Claus-Peter Röh (membership cards)

Lecture The Significance of the Leading Thoughts for Young People - Milena Kowarik and Paul Zebhauser

Music : Milena Kowarik
Lecture :The Dawn of the Age of Michael - Peter Selg

Eurythmy : The World Chalice, a michaelic play (in German) by Walpurga Nägeli and Angela Aebi - Students of the Eurythmeum CH and children of the Birseck Rudolf Steiner School, Director: Gudrun Altenbach and Enrica Perotti
Eurythmy: Rudolf Steiner’s Michael Imagination - Goetheanum Stage Ensemble, Head: Stefan Hasler

13:30 – 15h
School of Spiritual Science Forum for young people - Head: Milena Kowarik


** Workshops + Artistic Groups (Sat 11:30h + 14:15h)

1. Sven Baumann Leading Thoughts (de)
2. Marc Desaules From Nature to Sub-nature (de, fr)
3. Stephan Frei (amongst others) Leading Thoughts (de)
4. Johannes Greiner After the Last Leading Thought (de)
5. Roland Tüscher A Michael Festival of the Future (de)
6. Paul Zebhauser und Maxime Le Roux Leading Thoughts for the Needs of our Time (de, en)

Artistic Groups:
7. Christian Hitsch Sculptural Creation of Forms (de)
8. Dagobert Kanzler Formative Speech (de)
9. Angelika Kissling Eurythmy (de)
10. Alexandru Ceplinschi Eurythmy (de)


Conference Information

Friday, 15th to Sunday, 17th February 2019

Language of the conference
The language of the conference is German with simultaneous translation into French and English.

The Annual General Meeting on 17th February is in German, with simultaneous translation into French. There will be no English translation.

Meeting place
Rüttiweg 45
4143 Dornach

Conference funding
Conference costs are covered by voluntary contributions: you can pay an amount of your choice either for your own attendance or, if you are unable to attend, to allow someone else to participate. Conference ticket (recommended financial contribution: CHF 180).

With the exception of the delegates’ meeting, the Annual General Meeting and the School of Spiritual Science on Sunday morning this conference is public and open to non-members.

Please order your ticket until Friday, 1nd February 2019

Order the programme of the conference
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