Events from this field

Events from this field

Meloya Island, Norway

Summer Weeks "Spiritual Ecology"

Intensive training in methods of spiritual perception, retreat and meditation research. With Dirk Kruse, Manfred Schleyer Martin, Friederike Hollerbach and others.

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Goetheanum, Dornach

Anima Umana

Public Conference July 7th to July 11th 2018
Human Soul - a contribution to peace in the world.
Languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian with the option of English translation

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Goetheanum, Dornach

Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas Around the World

Performing, Experiencing & Exploring Destiny Community - Around the world, there are human beings who have developed a deep connection to Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas. At the Goetheanum they will share their insights into how they have been living with the plays.

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Exhibitions and courses

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Goetheanum, Dornach |

Living Connections - Worldwide Perspectives on Anthroposophical Meditation

Public conference on anthroposophical meditation

This conference at the Goetheanum is an introduction to anthroposophical meditation. It is intended for everyone interested in taking a deeper look into the foundations of meditation and its methods, as a living practice and form of experience. Contributors from many different parts of the world are coming to share from their own practice out of the fields of science, art, many vocations and daily life. The event focusses on sharing and developing experiences, offering insight into what anthroposophical meditation already is – and what it might become.

The title ‹Living Connections› refers, on the one hand, to the relationship each and every one of us carries to ourself, an inner dialogue connecting us to something higher, beyond the limitations of our physical boundaries. On the other hand, it refers to the connections with everything we meet outside of us: people, nature and other beings in the world. The intention for this event is to open intimate and exploratory spaces through encounters and conversations, in which living connections may emerge as a possible support for a fragile, unknowable future.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of back ground knowledge and experience. We encourage coworkers in anthroposophical institutions as well as in non-anthroposophical contexts, students, unemployed, parents and the retired, people of all ages from the north, south, east and west to take part in this exploration, to be part of the living connections for which the Goetheanum will provide a supportive environment in July!

The background of this event is the ‹Goetheanum Meditation Worldwide Initiative›. This network started 10 years ago with a small group of people – today it encompasses several hundred people worldwide. Its motivation is to bring anthroposophical meditation into conversation; to research, improve and make visible the inspirations of anthroposophical meditation in today’s world.


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