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Events from this field

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Goetheanum, Dornach |

Rudolf Steiner's Letters to the Members

Open Conference of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland

Michaelmas conference on the publication of the book "In the Field of Tension of World Forces - the Representative of Humanity in Rudolf Steiner's Sculputure, Painting and Glass Etching.


Friday, 14th February, 2020

Delegates’ Meeting (on invitation)

Evening break

Eurythmy : Foundation Stone - Eurythmy Goetheanum Stage
Lecture : “A New Impulse for a New Anthroposophical Life.” The social vision in the  “Letters to Members.” - Peter Selg
Musical finale :  Hristo Kazakov, piano


Saturday, 15th February 2020

Short presentation : “Creating Branch Meetings” - Sven Baumann
Panel discussion : Milena Kowarik (moderator), Sven Baumann, Lidia Forti, Armin Goll and Brigitte Witzemann


Short presentation : “What happens in the Society (Newsletter) and what develops from it” - by Justus Wittich
Panel discussion : Andreas Heertsch (moderator), Konstanze Brefin Alt, Jonas Lismont, Kirsten Juel, Roland Tüscher and Justus Wittich

Lunch break

Workshops (see further down on this page)


Members’ Meeting (membership card)

Commemorating the Dead

Evening break

Eurythmy, Music Speech : “Soul to Soul” From Rudolf Steiner’s Letters to the Members of the Anthroposophical Society - Eurythmeum CH, Ursula Ostermai, Hristo Kazakov


Sunday, 16th February 2020

School of Spiritual Science:  4th Class Lesson  (blue membership card)

Short presentation : “Four basic attitudes for the members of the anthroposophical community who wish to be active in the Society” (Letter of 10.2.1924) - Christian Hitsch
Panel discussion : moderation N.N., Stefano Gasperi, Christian Hitsch, Milena Kowarik,  Johannes Kronenberg


Lecture : “Dare Anthroposophy” - Marc Desaules
Musical finale : Hristo Kazakov, piano
Eurythmy : Foundation Stone - Eurythmy Goetheanum Stage

End of the conference

School of Spiritual Science Forum for young people German/English
Contact: Milena Kowarik,


Discussion groups
1. Sven Baumann : Practicing conversation (D/F)
2. Brigitte Witzemann : Presenting anthroposophy - experiencing anthroposophy. How do we move and convey anthroposophy? (D/E)
3. Thomas Heck : On the Constitution of the (General) Anthroposophical Society (D)

Artistic Courses
4. Ursula Zimmermann, Eurythmy: “For in mutual give and take in spiritual matters,  human life unfolds its truest essence” (January 13, 1924). (D)
5. Esther Gerster, painting: The image nature of man (D/F)
6. Matyás Borek, modelling: Recognize the foundation of the first Goetheanum (D)

Guided tours
7. Christian Hitsch : Guided tour of Christian Hitsch’s sculptures  on the Goetheanum campus (D)
8. Peter Selg: Licht in der Finsternis. Rudolf Steiners letzte Lebenszeit im Atelier (D)
9. Péter Barna & David Marc Hoffmann: Tour of the manuscripts of the “Letters to Members”  Marc in the Rudolf Steiner Archive (D/F)


Péter Barna, Sven Baumann, Matyás Borek,  Konstanze Brefin Alt, Marc Desaules, Lidia Forti, Stefano Gasperi, Esther Gerster, Armin Goll, Thomas Heck, Andreas Heertsch, Christian Hitsch, David Marc Hoffmann, Kirsten Juel,  Hristo Kazakov, Milena Kowarik, Johannes Kronenberg, Jonas Lismont,  Ursula Ostermai, Peter Selg, Roland Tüscher,  Justus Wittich, Brigitte Witzemann,  Ursula Zimmermann


Conference Information

Friday, 14th to Sunday, 16th February 2020

Language of the conference
The language of the conference is German with simultaneous translation into French and English.

The Member's Meeting on 15th February is in German, with simultaneous translation into French. There will be no English translation.

Meeting place
Rüttiweg 45
4143 Dornach

Conference funding
Conference costs are covered by voluntary contributions: you can pay an amount of your choice either for your own attendance or, if you are unable to attend, to allow someone else to participate. Conference ticket (recommended financial contribution: CHF 180).

With the exception of the delegates’ meeting, the Annual General Meeting and the School of Spiritual Science on Sunday morning this conference is public and open to non-members.

Please order your ticket until Friday, 31 January 2020

Order the programme of the conference
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