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Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas Around the World

Performing, Experiencing & Exploring Destiny Community

There is the gruppo drammi mistero di Roma in Italy; the Mysteriendramenkreis in Vienna; Hamila Theatre Harduf in Israel; the Mystery Drama Initiative in Japan; the Stroud Mystery Drama Group in the UK; Drempeltheater in the Netherlands, etc.: all over the world, there are human beings who have developed a deep connection to Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas. They are reading, performing, studying and meditating on them; they are translating, producing and writing follow-ups to them.

This work of art written for the stage – which addresses how individuals grow and develop alongside each other, both in their current lives and beyond them – is the starting point for an exploration. This exploration, which either individuals or a group or community can engage in, is dedicated entirely to the development of human beings, to the development of both their self-knowledge and their responsibility for their environment.

All the groups we are aware of have been invited to the Goetheanum in the summer of 2018 to share their insights into how they have been living with the plays, both with each other and with anyone interested in this theme. We hope and expect that our days together will be rich and exceptional, and we want to warmly invite you to join us for these encounters, for this festival.

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Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Dramas around the world

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