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Events from this field

Goetheanum, Dornach

Rudolf Steiner's Letters to the Members

We will work on “Rudolf Steiner’s Letters to the Members” in as divers ways as possible on the topics echoed in the Letters. In three panel discussions, each introduced by a short presentation, important topics of the Letters to the Members become central: Life in the branches, the task of an organ of communication for the Society and the conditions for active membership. An artistic performance on Saturday evening after the Commemoration of the Dead will use eurythmy and speech to present the Letters in artistic form. Through art (painting, sculpting, eurythmy) or conversation, the working groups offer the opportunity to deal with aspects of the Letters in a lively way. The annual conference will be framed by a eurythmy presentation of the Foundation Stone and by two lectures (Peter Selg and Marc Desaules). These lectures will express the deep meaning of a living Anthroposophical Society as Rudolf Steiner intended it to be at the Christmas Conference 1923/24 and as it has its full validity today and in the future. The pianist Hristo Kazakov will provide a musical finale after each lecture. With this conference we hope to be able to take an important step in the development of the Anthroposophical Society in today’s difficult world by strengthening our consciousness through the essential social and ethical possibilities that Anthroposophy gives us. “May human beings hear it!”

Clara Steinemann

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Meloya Island, Norway |

Summer Weeks "Spiritual Ecology"

Methods of spiritual perception in Nordic nature

Summer Weeks Core event, Intensive training in methods of spiritual perception, retreat and meditation research.

With: Dirk Kruse, Manfred Schleyer  Martin und Friederike Hollerbach, and others

Natural science is in deep crisis today; destruction of the environment and audio-visual assaults on the individual’s mind and heart express a fundamental lack in our understanding of the ‘living’. Without the connection to nature, including nature within us, science becomes sterile and narrow-minded; more and more susceptible to being manipulated by things such as short-sighted economic interests.

Is science today traveling to its own end; dogmatically barren and intolerant of the pure sensorial perception of nature, which was once the very base and source of inspiration for its culture-forming power? Can we get it back on track – a track where wonder, questioning and self-reflection are guiding the researcher? Should we venture to the sources of western fascination for science and nature research; a walk to the ‘Mater Materia’?

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