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Meloya Island, Norway |

Summer Weeks "Spiritual Ecology"

Methods of spiritual perception in Nordic nature

Summer Weeks Core event, Intensive training in methods of spiritual perception, retreat and meditation research.

With: Dirk Kruse, Manfred Schleyer  Martin und Friederike Hollerbach, and others

Natural science is in deep crisis today; destruction of the environment and audio-visual assaults on the individual’s mind and heart express a fundamental lack in our understanding of the ‘living’. Without the connection to nature, including nature within us, science becomes sterile and narrow-minded; more and more susceptible to being manipulated by things such as short-sighted economic interests.

Is science today traveling to its own end; dogmatically barren and intolerant of the pure sensorial perception of nature, which was once the very base and source of inspiration for its culture-forming power? Can we get it back on track – a track where wonder, questioning and self-reflection are guiding the researcher? Should we venture to the sources of western fascination for science and nature research; a walk to the ‘Mater Materia’?

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