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Goetheanum, Dornach |

The Representative of Humanity and the Gospel of Knowledge

Michaelmas conference 2020

Michaelmas conference 2020
Picture: Central figure Bust by Rudolf Steiner, photographer: Otto Rietmann, 1915 (detail). Documentation at the Goetheanum

Open conference of the General Anthroposophical Section at the Goetheanum and the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland.

Programme (subject to change)

Saturday, 26th September 2020

Lecture Claus-Peter Röh: The spiritual challenge about the human being today and the gospel of knowledge


Workshop and guided tours – list see at the end of the programme

Lunch Break

Workshop and guided tours – list see at the end of the programme


Musical frame: Planetenquartett Dornach (with original instruments by and according to Franz Thomastik): Ludwig van Beethoven, String Quartet Op. 132 in A minor, 1st movement
16:10 Introduction Justus Wittich and Marc Desaules
Short talks by editors and authors:
16:50 Mirela Faldey: The Representative of Humanity
17:05 Break
17:20 David Hornemann: Seeing art
17:40 Justus Wittich: Past and Future of the statue of the Representative of Humanity
18:00 Roland Halfen: The veiled image - spiritual aspects of seeing
18:20 Planetenquartett Dornach: Ludwig van Beethoven, String Quartet Op. 132 in A minor, 5th movement

Evening break

Lecture Peter Selg: The figure of Christ Jesus at the abyss of Time
Goetheanum Eurythmy-Ensemble: The Michael Imagination

 Sunday, 27th September 2020

14th Class lesson, free rendering by Claus-Peter Röh for members of The School of Spiritual Science (membership card) / DE

Parallel to the Class Lesson: Limited number of seats, registration at the info table :
-- Lecture by Oliver Conradt: Core, shell and winding radial structures. A mathematical approach to the Representative of Humanity / DE
-- Silent contemplation of the wood sculpture
-- Introduction Milena Kowarik und Gaia Termopoli: What is the School of Spiritual Science? / DE


Lecture by Constanza Kaliks: On the Michaelmas Age and the Culture of the Consciousness Soul


Artistic contribution
Demonstration and excerpts from scenes from the Mystery Dramas
: How do the forces of Lucifer and Ahriman work?
Eurythmy and drama: performers from the Mystery Dramas-Ensemble Goetheanum, responsible: Gioia Falk
Then : The Michael Imagination
Eurythmy: Goetheanum Eurythmy-Ensemble
Recitation: Barbara Stuten

End of the conference



Guided tours Sa, 26th September 11:00
1 Kurt Remund :  The being of the group and the architectural form of the Goetheanum buildings (DE)
2 Peter Selg : Rudolf Steiner‘s studio (DE)

Guided tours Sa, 26th September 14:00
3 Kurt Remund: The being of the group and the architectural form of the Goetheanum buildings (DE)
4 Peter Selg: Rudolf Steiner‘s studio (DE)

Working groups 11:00, continuation at 14:00
5 Mirela Faldey – Modelling : The bust of Christ (DE)
6 David Hornemann - Art History: Seeing art (DE)
7 Roland Halfen - Art History: The veiled image - Spiritual aspects of seeing: exercises (DE)
8 Milena Kowarik, Gaia Termopoli - Discussion group : The School of Spiritual Science as a path to the Representative of Humanity (DE, EN)
9 Oliver Conradt - Geometric Drawing: Core, shell and radial structure (DE)
10 Esther Gerster – Painting: Motives of the rose north window in painting (DE, FR)
11 Ingrid Everwijn – Eurythmy: Luciferic and Ahrimanic movement characteristics and building the centre as a process (DE)
12 Claus-Peter Röh, Justus Wittich - Discussion group : Stepping out - the struggle for the human centre in current events (DE)
13 Cathrine Ann Schmid – Drama : The ensouled breath of the spiritually awakening people and the effect of hate and fear in our speech and movement (with texts from the Dramas) (DE)

Conference Information

Saturday, 26th and Sunday, 27the September 2020

Language of the conference
The language of the conference is German with simultaneous translation into French and English (Spanish: when more than 10 persons).

Meeting place
Rüttiweg 45
4143 Dornach

Conference costs
Contribution A (with sponsorship): CHF 300
Contribution B: CHF 180
Contribution C: CHF 120
Contribution D: CHF 50
Please help us to cover the costs according to your own financial possibilities (guideline 180 CHF).

With the exception of the Class lesson on Sunday morning, the congress is public.

Please order your ticket/tickets until Thursday, 12th September 2020

Order the programme of the conference
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