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Goetheanum, Rüttiweg 45, 4143, Dornach (CH)

100th Christmas Conference at the Goetheanum

Registration will be open in July.
More information will follow.

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Goetheanum, Dornach |

The Scientific Nature of Anthroposophy and the developmental impulse of the Christmas Conference (postponed from Feb. 11th-13th 2022)

Open Conference of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland

The Karma Lectures of Rudolf Steiner
The blackboard drawing is from the 7th lecture, Dornach, 20th December 1922. Worker’s lectures at the Goetheanum from «Health and Illness. Foundations of a Spiritual Scientific Theory of the Senses», vol. 3, CW 348

The scientific nature of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy as well as the scientific approach to it, is a problem not only for the science of our time but also for us. The fact that science itself, in connection with a highly developed technology, has taken a completely different path than was even conceivable a hundred years ago, does not make this challenge any easier.
Regarding the first aspect, the scientific nature of Anthroposophy, people such as Peter Heusser have successfully endeavoured to show to the present consciousness how concrete and consistent it is, in a comprehensible way.
With regard to the second aspect, the scientific approach to Anthroposophy, more and more Anthroposophists are interested in the continuation and further development of the anthroposophical movement, and are making efforts in this direction.
With this conference we would like to attempt to bring both motives to view and with the centenary of Rudolf Steiner’s scientific course in 1922, to stimulate a reflection on the significance of the scientific nature of Anthroposophy and its central position in stimulating the influence of Anthroposophy in civilisation. How evident the scientific nature of Anthropos[1]ophy can prove to be in practice is presented in short contributions.
This conference on the scientific nature of Anthroposophy complements the series of conferences in preparation for the 100th Anniversary of the Christmas Conference 1923/24. The Impulse of the Christmas Conference was essential for Rudolf Steiner in 1922.
We cordially invite all members and friends to this conference.
Clara Steinemann


Friday, 29th April 2022

Delegates’ Conference (on invitation)

18:30 Evening break

Foundation Stone Meditation
Eurythmy - Goetheanum Eurythmy Ensemble
Welcome, Peter Selg
Rudolf Steiner, science and its significance for Anthroposophy today
Lecture by Peter Heusser
Musical closing
Hristo Kazakov, piano


Saturday, 39th April 2022

Hristo Kazakov, piano
Insight in Becoming Human. Nicolaus Cusanus and Rudolf Steiner
Lecture by Constanza Kaliks

10:15 Coffee break

Evidential experiences of the scientific method of Anthroposophy
Short talks by Hartmut Ramm, natural science (mistletoe) + Jean-Michel Florin, agriculture

12:15 Lunch break

Remembrance of the Dead (pink membership card)

General Assembly according to separate programme (pink membership card)
Part 1
16:15 Coffee break
16:45 Part 2

18:30 Evening break

"In the Roar of the World - Harmony"
Eurythmeum CH, direction Ingrid Everwijn

Sunday 1st of May 2022

School of Spiritual Science: 8th Class Lesson (blue membership card)

Evidential experiences of the scientific method of Anthroposophy
Short talks by Christoph Kaufmann, medicine (heart) + Marc Desaules, economics (money)

10:45 Coffee break

The Path to the Christmas Conference
Lecture by Peter Selg
Foundation Stone Meditation
Eurythmy - Goetheanum Eurythmy Ensemble

13:15 End of the congress

School of Spiritual Science Forum for young people in German/English
Information and registration: Milena Kowarik,

Conference Information

Friday, 29 April to 1st of Mai 2022 (Member's Meeting on 30th of April).

Language of the conference
The language of the conference is German with simultaneous translation into French and English.

The Member's Meeting on 30th of February is in German, with simultaneous translation into French. There will be no English translation.

Meeting place
Rüttiweg 45
4143 Dornach

Conference funding
Conference costs are covered by voluntary contributions: you can pay an amount of your choice either for your own attendance or, if you are unable to attend, to allow someone else to participate.

With the exception of the delegates’ meeting (29th of April), the Remembrance of the Dead + the Annual General Assembly (30th of April) and the School of Spiritual Science (1stof Mai) this conference is public and open to non-members.

Order the programme of the conference:
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