Events from this field

Events from this field

Casa Andrea Cristoforo, Strada Collinetta 25, 6612 Ascona

Tidying up - Cleaning - Transforming. Talk by Linda Thomas.

We can't clean without tidying up before. When we are cleaning, we take care of our environment and thereby unconditionally connect with and transform matter.

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Goetheanum, Rüttiweg 45, 4143, Dornach (CH)

100th Christmas Conference at the Goetheanum

Registration will be open in July.
More information will follow.

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Exhibitions and courses

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Goetheanum, Dornach |

The Second Goetheanum - An Impulse of the Christmas Conference

Open Conference of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland

Das zweite Goetheanum - Ein Impuls der Weihnachtstagung

As we approach the centenary celebrations of the Christmas Conference of 1923/24, the Anthroposophical Society in Switzer­land will hold a conference each year on a major theme of the Christmas Conference. In 2018 we turn to the Second Goetheanum Building. Rudolf Steiner already present­ed the first ideas and impulses during the Christmas Conference. He was concerned with the second Goetheanum right up to the end, even on his sick-bed.

Experiencing the Goetheanum, will be a central theme. On Saturday over six ses­sions, we will meet the Second Goetheanum in groups with knowledgeable tour guides.

Following an overview from Egypt to the Second Goetheanum, we will reflect on the connection between the Second Goetheanum and Michael, and the relationship of the large auditorium and the Represent­ative of Man. On Saturday evening, we pay our respects to Assja Turgenyev, as one of many artistic helpers. We close our theme on Sunday morning with a perspective on the building together with the Society and the School of Spiritual Science.

Eurythmy contributions include the Foundation Stone Meditation to open, echoed by the Rhythms on Saturday evening. The finale of the conference will be a eurythmy performance that aims to give an impression of what may be art in a mys­tery school .

Johannes Greiner



Friday 16th February 2018

Meeting of Delegates

Supper break

Eurythmy : Foundation Stone Meditation - Kairos Project Ensemble, Director: Ursula Zimmermann «From the Egyptian Temples to the Second Goetheanum»
Lecture by Johannes Greiner



Saturday 17th February 2018

Talk by Peter Selg «Castle of Michael»

Tours (see at the end of the programme)


Tours (see at the end of the programme)

Lunch break

Tours (see at the end of the programme)

Talk by Johannes Greiner «Auditorium and Representative of Man»


Annual General Meeting and Thoughts for the Dead (membership card required)

Supper break

Lecture by Peter Selg «What Will Happen to the Goetheanum?» Assja Turgenieff (1890–1966) and the Rose Bouquet
Eurythmy: Rhythms of the Foundation Stone Meditation - Kairos Project Ensemble, Director: Ursula Zimmermann


Sunday 18th February 2018

School of Spiritual Science: 17th Class Lesson (membership card required)

Lecture by Marc Desaules «The Second Building, the New Society and its School of Spiritual Science»


Eurythmy : The «Saturn Evolution» by Annemarie Dubach-Dornath and Lili Reinitzer with music by Josef Gunziger - Euchore Ensemble, Directors: Sara Kazakov and Johanna Hunz, Piano: Hristo Kazakov
With an Introduction by Johannes Greiner

End of the congress

School of Spiritual Science Forum for Young Persons
Contact: Milena Kowarik, 


6 tours of 25 minutes each on the Second Goetheanum (for participants of the congress)
– the Goetheanum in its landscape: Marianne Schubert
– the exterior of the Goetheanum: Thorwald Thiersch
– the windows: Christian Breme
– the architraves and the columns: Christian Hitsch
– the painted ceiling: Esther Gerster
– landing to the Exhibition Room and Exhibition Room: Leonhard Schuster

 The six tours form a round trip. Registration and further information available at the information desk.


Introduction to the «Saturn Evolution» in Eurythmy
As an alternative to the tours, Sara Kazakov and Johanna Hunz offer a workshop as an introduction to the «Saturn Evolution». This workshop runs parallel to the tours, over 3 sessions, and so cannot be combined with the tours.


Conference Information

Friday, 16th to Sunday, 18th February 2018

Language of the conference
The language of the conference is German with simultaneous translation into French, Italian and English.

The Annual General Meeting on 17th February is in German, with simultaneous translation into French, and possibly a whispered translation into Italian. There will be no English translation.

Meeting place
Rüttiweg 45
4143 Dornach

Conference funding
Conference costs are covered by voluntary contributions: you can pay an amount of your choice either for your own attendance or, if you are unable to attend, to allow someone else to participate. Conference ticket (recommended financial contribution: CHF 180).

With the exception of the delegates’ meeting, the Annual General Meeting and the School of Spiritual Science on Sunday morning this conference is public and open to non-members.

Please order your ticket until Friday, 2nd February 2018

Order the programme of the conference
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