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The May issue of “Anthroposophy – Swiss News” opens with the article “On the threshold of a new reality – Angeloi mingle with people” by Franz Ackermann, in which he follows Rudolf Steiner's suggestion that the angels are now entering into ever more intimate communion with humans and that it is important to learn to perceive this process.

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Non-affirmation of two board members

Goetheanum Leadership determines steps for transition period

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General Secretary’s Report from Dornach Dec 2016

Consider ‘Spirit visioning’, the future approaches us and in taking initiative we take on responsibility for the future. … >>

LECTURE ONE from Shaping Citizenship

Spiritual Renewal and Service in the World … >>

Finding the spirit in life

The Rose Chamber by Caroline Brown is a moving account of a journey into spiritual realms through meditation, as Christian von Arnim found when he read the book for NNA. … >>

Executive Council of the Goetheanum: Constanza Kaliks is nominated as a new member

The Goetheanum's Executive Council has nominated Constanza Kaliks, leader of the Youth Section, to join the council. This was announced on Members Day on November 7, 2014 at the Goetheanum. … >>

Non-affirmation of two board members

Members of the Goetheanum Leadership during the transitional period until June 2018 (not pictured: Matthias Girke): photo taken in the western side of the Goetheanum on 16 April 2018 (Photo: Sebastian Jüngel)


On 24 March 2018, the General Assembly of the General Anthroposophical Society did not approve the extension of the terms of office of Paul Mackay and Bodo von Plato as members of the Goetheanum Executive Council. The Goetheanum Leadership has prepared a plan for the transition period.

As a result of the decision made at the General Assembly, the regular Executive Council responsibilities of Paul Mackay and Bodo von Plato ended on 24 March 2018. As Seija Zimmermann has retired simultaneously—as previously announced—the current Executive Council members at the Goetheanum are: Justus Wittich, Joan Sleigh, Constanza Kaliks and Matthias Girke.

The tasks and positions assigned to Paul Mackay that is, Bodo von Plato, within the Goetheanum, in projects, for conferences and working contexts will remain in effect until the Goetheanum Leadership retreat on 11-12 June 2018 and will then be reassigned as part of a reorganisation of all assignments and responsibilities. Paul Mackay's mandate to continue representing the General Anthroposophical Society on the Board of Directors of Weleda AG was confirmed by the Executive Council on April 10.

The Goetheanum Leadership, comprised of the members of the Executive Council at the Goetheanum and the leaders of the sections of the School for Spiritual Science, will analyse and discuss the results of the 24th March vote and prepare further decisions until the closed retreat in June. In particular, the following questions will be examined: What mistakes and omissions did the Goetheanum Leadership make? Which developments did it not assess correctly? Where are the shortcomings in communication with the members? 


The Goetheanum is a center of a worldwide network of spiritually engaged people. It is the seat of the School of Spiritual Science  and the General Anthroposophical Society, which serves as a place of exchange for those with spiritual questions, and a place for trainings in scientific and artistic fields. 

Events range from lectures on special themes, to large, international conferences, to performances by  ensembles and guest performances in Eurythmy, theater, puppetry and music. 

Situated in the Jura landscape, 10 Kilometers South of Basel, the Goetheanum sits grand on the Dornach hill, with its expressive architecture and picturesque garden park, café, bookstore and gift shop.



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