Consider ‘Spirit visioning’, the future approaches us and in taking initiative we take on responsibility for the future. … 

The Rose Chamber by Caroline Brown is a moving account of a journey into spiritual realms through meditation, as Christian von Arnim found when he read the book for NNA. … 

The Goetheanum's Executive Council has nominated Constanza Kaliks, leader of the Youth Section, to join the council. This was announced on Members Day on November 7, 2014 at the Goetheanum. … 

Anthroposophical Studies: Trip to Weimar

a:2:{s:4:"unit";s:2:"h3";s:5:"value";s:263:"The students of the Anthroposophical Studies in English made their annual pilgrimage to Weimar (March 15 – 17, 2013) to witness the rich cultural life that developed under the patronage of Archduke Carl August a

Von: James Stacey
The students were well prepared for this exploration by lectures given by Goethe scholar Professor Douglas Miller. He and his wife Marguerite joined this journey and shared their wealth of experience with the students. Virginia Sease, the program director, also participated and shared her knowledge of Rudolf Steiner's years in Weimar. Although each student brought unique questions and expectations to this experience the central quest was to gain insight into the creative impulse of Goethe that so inspired Rudolf Steiner in later years. After visiting Goethe's "Gartenhaus", home and museum students reflected on this man who epitomized life-long learning and the search for the capacities of the human being and the ideals to be grasped in the understanding of Nature and the higher worlds. After several years of renovation a tour of the recently reopened Goethe-Schiller Archives – for which Rudolf Steiner edited some parts of Goethe's work on natural science which appeared 1891–1896 – created a deep appreciation for the wealth of material preserved in Weimar. The manuscript collection now includes the work of many individuals; such as: Nietzsche and Liszt. There were special visits to the historic locations of Steiner's work and home during his Weimar years: 1890–1897. Students even enjoyed coffee in the room in which Rudolf Steiner wrote "The Philosophy of Freedom". Although now a hotel, in the 1890s the building was the large home of Anna Eunike where Steiner rented accommodations. For a long time to come these students will unfold thoughts that live between the poles of Goethe's Weimar and Rudolf Steiner's Goetheanum. And they will look back with pleasure on the good time they had on this study trip.

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