«One must be able to think in colors and forms as one is able to think in terms and thoughts.»


Art of movement

Movement is life's signature, its own language. Every moment we breathe is filled with pulse...rhythm. It permeates the substance we are made of. Physical form is built out of movement come to rest. So too our feelings, thoughts and inspirations have gestures that are matched in the forms we find in the world. It is one of the great mysteries that inner experience and outer form come from the same source. 

Recognition of this connection sits just beyond our conscious awareness. Yet, we depend on it to make our way through life. We learn to read the world and other people through the language of movement... alongside the language of sound. Form - movement - language, all "sound" the essential nature of the world in different ways. Eurythmy is a movement art that brings all three together. It gives expression to the whole voice of the human being and the world language, through movement, color and form. When this integration takes place through eurythmy, the spiritual nature behind each living thing begins to have a clear voice - a visible reality. The living mysteries that form our body, our soul, the stars and the seas speak their names in the gestures of language and life. Eurythmy brings these gestures into a rich, expressive art form.

Language and Music as a Basis for Movement

Human sound carries all of life within it. The earliest people understood this truth when they developed the first names of people, experiences and things. They knew then that a name was not just a separate description. It was a reenactment of the unique spiritual and physical qualities of the wave, the tree or the snake. The sounds chosen held the essential qualities of the thing itself.

Though we may not be as aware as our ancestors of this reality, it remains true that the human voice is one of the most remarkable of instruments. It has the capacity to transform our inner experiences into another medium, sound. When the sounds of language and song are intoned, they set into motion, unique, yet invisible gestures through the air. Artistically expressed they reveal the specific gestures belonging to each consonant or vowel, each musical tone or interval. These innate forms living in sound, within our souls and in the world become the basis for the art form of eurythmy.