«One must be able to think in colors and forms as one is able to think in terms and thoughts.»


Cultural Impulse of Eurythmy

Eurythmy, developed by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) at the beginning of this Century, has found an important place in many aspects of our modern world during its relatively short but fruitful 80 years. There are currently 3,000 eurythmists active in the world. They bring eurythmy to the stage as a performing art, apply it in pedagogical and therapeutic contexts, and bring it as a social art into the work environment.

The cultural Impulse of eurythmy is visible in many different areas:

  • Within the realm of education, eurythmy enables the growing child to develop a healthy relationship between body and soul. 
  • Within the therapeutic realm, eurythmy offers a vehicle through which the patient can counteract the disharmony of illness.
  • In everyday life and in the workplace, eurythmy strengthens our life forces and brings about a balance in our soul life.
  • As a stage art, eurythmy is able to reveal works of poetry and music in a living way to the viewer.

The goal of eurythmy is to reveal the human soul through movement. Therefore, this art form requires that eurythmists and students of eurythmy carry the question of the spiritual origin of the human being within themselves.