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Crowne Plaza, Belgrad |

7th European Congress for People with special needs

Living in the encounter

Almost twenty years have gone by since the first congress “Living in the Encounter” took place in Berlin, way back in 1998. The impulse of these congresses brought us all over Europe: from major cities such as Berlin, Dornach, Prague, The Hague, Vienna, and Brussels, all the way to the Balkans! For one last time, the 7th congress will take place in Belgrade – the central hub of the Southeast Europe.

There is a reason why we are headed to Serbia for our 20th anniversary. Belgrade, the “White City”, also experienced painful times in recent past and its wounds are still visible. In contrast, “Living in the Encounter” is a guideline to how peace and cooperation can be achieved within and throughout Europe. Here persons with disabilities are taking proactive social roles and are no longer only those receiving support. Belgrade is a lively city and very easy to be reached. More than 600 people will have the last opportunity to experience this unique congress for the very last time. Together, we will learn about the country with an opulent history and, of course, about its people. Do not miss this last opportunity – come to Serbia! Belgrade is looking forward to welcoming you!

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