«Whoever wants to educate children with developmental problems and disabilities, will never be finished, but will find that each child presents a new problem, a new mystery. But he will only discover what he needs to do in each specific case if he allows himself to be led by the real Being within the child. It is not a comfortable job, but it is the only one that is real.»

Rudolf Steiner

Curative Education

Caring for the development of children and young people

Curative education is always based on a correlation of several factors affecting the development of the child or young person on the one hand and, at the same time, the development of his or her environment. It depends largely on the conditions of life within a given society whether human beings with disability find themselves integrated or marginalised.

Curative education begins with the diagnosis. On the basis of this professional assessment, the child or young person may be understood in his or her physical, psychological and spiritual development, and also within his or her social relationships.

Therapeutic and educational methods are available which address these specific needs, always in connection with counselling and in cooperation with the relatives.

Curative education is an inter-disciplinary task in which different professions and functions have to work together in close cooperation. It includes remedial teachers, medical practitioners, teachers, therapists and artists.