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Events from this field

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L'AUBIER, Montezillon (Switzerland)

'Daring Independancy' 2023-2024

Nine months of full-time training, based on anthroposophy, for young people aged 20 to 35.
Morning classes - Associative economy, three kinds of money, threefold social order, ownership of entreprise.
Afternoon workshops - Theatre, ground work with 'Curly' horses, observation, modeling, eurythmy.
Practical work in our different areas - service, kitchen, farm, cheese-making, outside, shop or reception.

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Michael-Zweig, Lavaterstrasse 97, 8002 Zürich |

Conference on social threefolding – Dreigliederung Schweiz

You can read our interview with Michael Gambarini here.

Registration by May 17th to (limited number of places!)

Free collection (guide price CHF 120.–).


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