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Events from this field

Berlin, Allianz Forum

Ownership Conference: Steward-Owned Companies

Steward-owned companies need collaboration, a voice and a strong network. The Ownership Conference offers the opportunity to learn from steward-owned companies: How does ownership responsibility affect employees, customers, and society? How can ownership structures help shape an economy in the interests of society?

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Goetheanum, Dornach |

1917-2017 A Second Chance

A view from the west

In his capacity as convenor of the Economics Conference of the Goetheanum, economic historian, Dr. Christopher Houghton Budd, assesses the challenges of our times.

The great hopes Rudolf Steiner had for humanity’s future evolution were seemingly dashed on the rocks of Versailles, where what Keynes called ‘Jesuitical sophistry’ triumphed over a more ecumenical attitude.

One hundred years later, in 2017, have we failed, is all lost? Or have we misread events and therefore need to review our expectations? Did the forces coming out of the West extinguish the prospects for a threefold approach to society, and with that, the emergence of a one-world economy? Or is there now a new window of opportunity?

In the field of economics and finance in particular are new shoots emerging and have we enhanced the credibility of Rudolf Steiner qua economist to enable policy makers, central bankers and other financial professionals to recognise these shoots as harbingers of a viable next step?

The lecture is held in English, with German translation available.

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A second chance (PDF)

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