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L'AUBIER, Montezillon (Switzerland) |

'Daring Independancy' 2023-2024


'Daring Independency' is a full-time training course over 9 months based on anthroposophy (in French).

The training rests on three pillars: theoretical morning classes, personal development workshops and involvement in practical work.

Morning classes
All morning classes are held by a person in charge of L'Aubier. We talk about our experiences and our goals. We cover the topics that enable anyone to start an independent activity.

  • Associative economy: learn to transform your ideas into budgets, to distinguish 3 forms of money and to manage them, to create your legal structure, to find the necessary capital while keeping your autonomy. The question of the correct price, freedom of initiative and credit, teamwork and sharing of responsibilities are part of the content.
  • General courses: the human being and the development of his consciousness over the centuries, the civilizations from which ours arose, temperaments and senses, social life, federalism, education.
  • Biodynamic agriculture: the principles of biodynamic agriculture, our connection to nature and animals, our ecological responsibility, the rhythms of the earth, the production of food and its transformation.

Personal development workshops
The goal of these workshops is to learn to observe with an open mind, to hold back judgment or hasty perception, to anchor yourself in life, and to build self-confidence. One develops strength, discovers new skills and the joy of action.

  • Theater and speech art
  • Ground work with 'Curly' horses
  • Eurythmy
  • Modeling and observation of natural phenomena

Practical work
Working every day in a company full of ideals allows us to have real experiences of work and the direct consequences of our actions!
Daily participation in the different sectors of L'Aubier; service, kitchen, farm, cheese dairy, stewardship, exteriors, store or reception.

Terms and conditions:
You are at least 21 years old (max. 12 people)
You don't suffer from addictions
You want to learn and are open and positive towards the world
You are persistent, if possible in a good mood and nice anyway!

Classes are given in French. It is possible to come as early as July to get used to the French language and take courses.
The training is free in the sense that the courses and workshops are self-financed by the work in the company.
Lunches are taken together in the restaurant. There is the possibility of living in shared accommodation on site.



Formation 'Oser l'indépendance'
Les Murailles 5
CH-2037 Montezillon

Michèle Grandjean Cordes

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