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L'AUBIER, Montezillon |

We need to think differently

Exhibition on Economic Questions of our time

Exhibition - We need to think differently

Welcome to this exhibition in a series designed to address today’s events from an associative point of view, as inaugurated by Rudolf Steiner.

This exhibition comprises a choice of texts published in two issues of the Goetheanum Fund – October 2012 and November 2016 – written by Marc Desaules, Christopher Houghton Budd and Daniel Maeder.

Having been concerned with these questions ever since L’AUBIER’s inception in 1979, we would like now to highlight and present such themes as part of our on-going activity to make L’AUBIER a European focus for this work.


Exhibition leaflets with full texts in three languages à CHF 3.00

Open daily von 7 am to 22 pm.


Previous themes:

– True price, true income. The proposals of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and Rudolf Steiner.
– Towards a One-World Economy. The work of Steiner, Keynes and Dunlop.
– Rudolf Steiner, Economist - Two weeks that could change the world
– Of Wheat and Gold.
– Denis de Rougemont - The federalist attitude.

Prospective themes:

– True money.
– Finance at the threshold.
– If women counted.
– Beyond the market. Beyond banking.

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