Summer Camp Iona and Isle of Mull 2016

Iona, the "birth place" of the cosmic Christianity

Von: Renatus Derbidge

An event of: Anblick –

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Being in Nature as Spiritual Beings
Nature, Nature Spirits, Spiritual Beings – Look into the World to find Yourself!

Dirk Kruse (Nature Spirits, Anthroposophy)
Hans-Christian Zehnter (Observation- Exercices, Anthroposophy)
and many more When?
Thursday 14th of July until Wednesday 20th of July 2016 Where?
The Leeb Croft and Iona, Scotland What?
Past and Future of a holy and powerful place that is strongly related to the goethean approach to nature and the modern path of spiritual science by Rudolf Steiner.
Hiking. Observing. Practicing. Painting. Singing. Laughing. Searching. Listening… Who?
100 young people on a camp site on the Ross of Mull and Iona Why?
– sharing ideals and visions for a responsible mankind
– connection with earth
– experiencing earth
– understanding past, present and future of a spiritual impulse
– together we will open up a path towards uniting man with nature as a spiritual unity regarding our individuality, our hearts and actions

Iona and Isle of Mull Summer Camp 2016 Trailer from Renatus Derbidge on Vimeo.

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