Transforming Education in Egypt

Building an alternative education lab for holistic education for pupils from 5-16 years.

We are growing the existing SEKEM Environmental Science Center (SESC) into an alternative education lab to experiment with innovative curricula serving holistic education for pupils from 5-16 years in Egypt. SESC wants to offer a holistic learning experience where youth can learn through learning to be, to think, to do, and to live together how to transform themselves and society, with a focus on the environmental challenges Egypt and the world is facing. ***
We are a team of experienced and passionate people coming out of the SEKEM school and community (, and we want to awaken the changemakers in our children through holistic and innovative learning experiences. To learn more about SEKEM, see the video in the gallery We are facing huge challenges that are environmental and yet complex and interconnected with societal, cultural and economic issues - and we need our children, our future to grow up with the ability to take initiative to solve those challenges. Through your contribution, we will be able to build interactive labs and learning spaces, get expertise and make a difference in awakening the changemakers in our children!


What We Need & What You Get

We need 20,000 USD in order to be able to make our SESC learning space more effective in awakening the changemakers in our children!  
  • With 10,000 we will build a physics, biology and chemistry lab, where we focus on renewable energy, water, food, and health!
  • With 15,000 we will build the above plus an English language and computer lab in order to be able to connect our youth with the outside world through language and the world wide web, here we focus on research and cultural exchange!
  • With 20,000 we will be able to build the above plus get experts from around the world to educate and inspire our kids!
  • With more than 20,000 we will do much more!
In exchange for your contribution, we are offering beautiful, unique, and mostly hand made perks from the children of our school! They will enrich your life and at the same time will be a great reminder for you to remember: YOU made a difference for us!


Our Impact

Egypt is facing huge environmental and social challenges. Yet the education system fails to equip youth with the ability to take initiative and live a self-determined life. We urgently need an education revolution, and we need it fast! We want SESC also to serve as a model for how future-oriented education can look like. SESC has served around 3000 kids since it was established in 2010, and has built strong networks with different schools and other non-formal education centers around Egypt. We know we can have a great impact in making Egypt a better place: with YOUR support! Thank you! ***

Our Challenges

Since SESC is a non-formal learning center, we are not bound by accreditation from any formal state institution. Yet, we are facing other challenges. First and foremost, we need to get our kids to go beyond the mere realization of “oh, this is going wrong” or “yes, this is really a huge challenge” mentality, into taking responsibility and initiative in addressing those. But we are positive that we can do this, because our education model goes beyond mere “information dumping” towards a holistic approach, in which the child and human is the core of every action we take. This is reflected in the Education for Sustainable Development pillars of learning to be, to know, to do, live together, and transform oneself and society - and we know from our experience that the four are a prerequisite for the ability to sustainably transform in the inner and outer world. ***

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