*Economics Conference

A standing conference within the Social Sciences Section of the School of Spiritual Science, the Economics Conference of the Goetheanum endeavours to understand business, finance and economics on the basis of Rudolf Steiner's economics course and related writings. Its aim is to make seminal yet concrete contributions to fundamental problems of our time in such fields as monetary policy, price theory and entrepreneurial endeavour.

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A key worldwide focus for research in economics on a basis of Steiner’s ideas is the work of the Economics Conference of the Goetheanum*, centred in Dornach, Basel, Switzerland.

If such research is real and if Steiner’s observations have validity, then they should have demonstrable relevance for today. Typical of such indications (and in itself a powerful instance of society’s threefold nature) is the combination of ‘true price’, personal credit instead of real credit (‘lending to the person not the asset’), and the need for ‘gift money’ as the form of finance most suited to education, retraining, research, and the arts.