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Free Play – Now and Then

For a long time, free play has been neglected for the sake of early literacy and numeracy. The appreciation of free play has only been revived in the last few years. But is it really seen and understood for what it means to the child? How do we, as parents and educators, approach free play? What does it mean to us?

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Pädagogische Sektion

Project 'Teach the Teachers'

Are you excited again and again by Steiner's educational impulse? Is it a heartfelt affair and a daily source of inspiration for you? Do you truly say 'Yes' to people as physical and spiritual beings?

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Who determines who we are?

The broad field of femininity/masculinity offers a wealth of fluid identificational references and developmental possibilities if with humour and goodwill we allow our children’s and grandchildren’s generation to undergo the experiences they are seeking.

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Waldorf education on the move in Asia

More than 900 people attended the recent Asian Waldorf Teachers’ Conference in China. Among other things, the conference discussed issues facing Waldorf establishments, including their legal status and cultural adaptation

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Developing Pedagogical Quality – but how?

Thomas Stöckli and his team at the Institute for Action Research in Switzerland have developed a method to develop the educational quality of teaching.

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Putting modern childhood under the spotlight

The International Festival of Childhood, planned for later this year, aims to examine the issues affecting modern childhood. The evidence suggests that there is a massive toll on child health and wellbeing, say the organisers. … >>

Annual Giving Appeal 2015

This week the Glenaeon Foundation launches Annual Giving 2015.

Von: Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School
This year we are really excited to be supporting two projects that parents and teachers have identified as priorities for our students. This week the Glenaeon Foundation launches  Annual Giving 2015. This year we are really excited to be supporting two projects that parents and teachers have identified as priorities for our students. 
They are:
Stage One of the Glenaeon Community Kitchen
The launch of the Sylvia Brose All Rounder Scholarship
The Community Kitchen will be used for food preparation lessons where students will prepare the seasonal food harvested in our biodynamic garden. Stage Two of the project will focus on providing a 5 day-a-week fully staffed canteen and Stage 3 will focus on seating, terracing and a walkway. We are hopeful that in time the café will become the heart and soul of the community.
The Sylvia Brose Scholarship is named fittingly after one of the school’s founders. It has been our goal to provide scholarships for students who would otherwise not afford a Glenaeon education for some time. Our first scholarship will be awarded to a student entering Year 10 in 2017. 
For these important projects to be realised we need to raise $80,000. If every Glenaeon family gives just $250 we will reach our target. If you’re not currently in a position to give or can manage less, we understand that too.
To support these projects please go to our online giving page. Thank you in advance for your support and generosity!

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