Waldorf Ressourcen

Free Play – Now and Then

For a long time, free play has been neglected for the sake of early literacy and numeracy. The appreciation of free play has only been revived in the last few years. But is it really seen and understood for what it means to the child? How do we, as parents and educators, approach free play? What does it mean to us?

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Pädagogische Sektion

Project 'Teach the Teachers'

Are you excited again and again by Steiner's educational impulse? Is it a heartfelt affair and a daily source of inspiration for you? Do you truly say 'Yes' to people as physical and spiritual beings?

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Who determines who we are?

The broad field of femininity/masculinity offers a wealth of fluid identificational references and developmental possibilities if with humour and goodwill we allow our children’s and grandchildren’s generation to undergo the experiences they are seeking.

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Waldorf education on the move in Asia

More than 900 people attended the recent Asian Waldorf Teachers’ Conference in China. Among other things, the conference discussed issues facing Waldorf establishments, including their legal status and cultural adaptation

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Developing Pedagogical Quality – but how?

Thomas Stöckli and his team at the Institute for Action Research in Switzerland have developed a method to develop the educational quality of teaching.

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Putting modern childhood under the spotlight

The International Festival of Childhood, planned for later this year, aims to examine the issues affecting modern childhood. The evidence suggests that there is a massive toll on child health and wellbeing, say the organisers. … >>

Motueka Rudolf Steiner School Trust

Our small Steiner school community is struggling to fund the school through a difficult year. Please help us get through.

Von: Motueka Steiner School/ New Zealand

Join us to build a new school

Children at Motueka Rudolf Steiner School get Waldorf education the way parents want it. The school has more freedom to follow the ideals of Waldorf education and the wishes of parents because it has remained independent from state education. This special advantage comes with challenges, especially the lack of state funding. Every year our school community works hard to resource the school and employ teachers. They donate what they can, they fund raise continuously, and they give their time and skills. Now in our 14th year we have hit an especially difficult year and we need extra help to finance the school through to 2016. The school is following a plan to grow the roll, improve facilities and become more financially robust. We have invested in this plan but we have a cashflow problem until the school roll increases next year. We need money now to retain experienced staff so we can start growing in 2016. Our journey to becoming a bigger farm-based school is exciting, but first we must survive this year. Please help us with a donation, so we can continue to offer Waldorf education to Motueka children. *** We are an independent school owned by our community, and part of the global Waldorf School movement. We began as a kindergarten in 1984 and opened a primary school in 2002.

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