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Living warmth - Annual Conference of the Medical Section

The cosmos developed out of warmth. Our innermost, creative individuality lives and works in the warmth of our body. The human warmth organisation develops during life and its day-night rhythm reflects the presence of the I in the body. Its activity is raised during a fever while on the other hand patients with cancer display an abnormal warmth organisation. Careful attention to warmth is of great therapeutic importance at the threshold of birth as well as the threshold of death.

Today the community of all human beings has become responsible for the warmth of the earth. Anthroposophy gives us many suggestions as to how we can develop an inner connection with the earth’s atmosphere and the relationship of the earth to the sun. Equally it can provide us with guidance for the therapeutic approach to the warmth of the patient, for example in how we deal with fever. From external treatments to Wärme wirkt 3 mistletoe therapy, which this year celebrates its 100th birthday, Anthroposophic Medicine offers us a wealth of treatment possibilities for disorders of the warmth organisation.

From the interprofessional aspect of warmth, the five care subject areas of the Medical Section, as the great therapeutic challenges of the present time, will provide the focus of the lectures. The World Space offers space for short presentations of work and initiatives – we look forward to registration until 15 July at We aim to work on our conference subject together, deepen our understanding and extend our therapeutic skills in more than 50 interdisciplinary and specialist workshops. On the Saturday we will conclude the evening after the eurythmy performance with a festival on the terrace of the Goetheanum.


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