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Study Conference on Therapeutic and Educational Creative Speech

Controlled by Fear - Controlling Fear

The study conference deals with a subject which encompasses humanity: fear and how to overcome it. With the goal of obtaining a better understanding of fear, we will look at ways of dealing with this archetypal human experience in the form of lectures, practical exercises and presentations on the transformation of fear.

Fear is a force living within us which has a purpose. It serves to let us recognise dangerous situations and, in the best case, protect us from them. For people with anxiety disorders a different picture arises. They suffer from anxiety symptoms which no longer protect but threaten them. If fear is taken out of the healthy sphere, it seizes hold of us and determines our life.

Our thinking, feeling and will can no longer be directed through selfdetermination and by the I. We are ruled by fear which colours and governs our everyday life. This gives rise to the following questions:

  • What does fear want to show the person under its control?
  • What opportunities does fear offer human beings to develop new forces by and through it and to develop as a person?
  • What does the person with anxiety disorder want to transform, what can they transform with the help of therapeutic creative speech?

With this subject we are taking up one of the five key topics of the Medical Section: early childhood, infectious diseases, anxiety and trauma sequelae, oncology, and palliative medicine. In the the next few years we intend to deepen one of these subjects at each of our study conferences from the perspective of creative speech.

More information:

Conference announcement on the Goetheanum website

Conference Programme (PDF)


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