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Study Days for Anthroposophical Art Therapy

I experience you – listening, speaking, thinking

The higher senses and the phenomenon of fear and anxiety

International specialist conference of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum

The conference will look at the role of the higher senses in the context of interpersonal encounters and in so doing deal with the interaction between encounter and fear and anxiety. At a superior level, the relationship between the higher and the lower, physically bound senses is of interest.

  • When does the phenomenon of fear and anxiety arise in healthy people and place such a strain on the senses that it becomes overwhelming?
  • How do we include the higher senses in therapy?
  • How are the higher senses revealed to us in the artistic and therapeutic process?

We aim this year to ask these and other research and study questions in a concentrated work context.

There will be a lecture each morning which will then be taken up in seminar groups by the respective lecturer from the perspective of our understanding of the human being, used to stimulate discussion and be individually deepened and supplemented, also through examples for practising. There will then be more intensive practical study in the approx. three-hour long workshops in the afternoon. They will also seek to relate to the morning lecture and deepen, it using case studies, from the perspective of art therapy, including how to manage diseases.

The conference is intended for art therapists, students of art therapies, physicians, medical students, psychotherapists and teachers.

Booking closes 21st December 2017.

More information:

Conference Programm (PDF)

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