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Teach the Teacher in Teaching Anthroposophic Medicine

The patient case report

Rational and imaginative consciousness in medicine

How can we, as teachers, teach Anthroposophic Medicine in an appropriate way? This question lies at the heart of the interprofessional course which takes place each year: “Teach the Teacher in Teaching Anthroposophic Medicine“.

With its core elements of a patient-centred training as well as instruments of methodology and teaching theory for the development of an imaginative, inspirative and intuitive knowledge, this training course was held for the first time in three modules from 2014 to 2016. Each module had about 60 participants from 20 countries and 12 therapeutic professional groups.

Building on this, but without making the previous modules a requirement, the present course focuses on the question of the methodology and teaching theory we can use to show our trainees a path from rationally cognitive consciousness to living thinking about and grasp of the human being and the world.

The instruments to be taught in the course are applied in practice and can thus be experienced directly. In doing so, participants and speakers jointly form an active learning and teaching community which will together embark on a path of training through case presentations, texts from Rudolf Steiner and the observation of nature.

With this in mind, each participant is asked to prepare a short case presentation (approx. 7 mins.) which they will give as an exercise in a small workshop; they should speak freely with no more than notes and without PowerPoint presentation.

Questions of professional team building and collaboration in diagnosis and therapy, teaching techniques as well as consolidating what has been worked on run through the whole of the course.

The lectures and plenary events will be consecutively interpreted into German|English by professional interpreters and technical support will be provided for whispered translation into other languages.

Everyone who wants to learn to teach Anthroposophic Medicine in training and further training courses in ever better ways is warmly invited to this course! The prerequisite for attendance is a successfully completed training in one of the health professions recognised by the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, professional experience in Anthroposophic Medicine as well as the corresponding teaching experience or the concrete intention to take up such teaching activity (including on a practical level in a clinic/practice or as a mentor).

The number of participants will be restricted to ensure the quality of the training. Please therefore register as soon as possible using the attached form.


Further Information:

Booklet with programme and registration form (PDF)

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