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Goetheanum, Dornach |

What do children and adolescents learn “in sleep”?

International kindergarten and school physicians’ conference

This conference of the Medical Section is an integral part of its modularised advanced specialist training to become a kindergarten and school physician. Therefore new entrants to this specialist field, and all colleagues who are interested in subjects related to it or in child development in general, are welcome.

The meeting this year will focus on various facets of sleep in childhood:

  • What do children and adolescents learn “in sleep”?
  • How do we work in Waldorf education with the forces of the night?

Thus our specialist lectures will start with thoughts on the activity of the human constitutional elements in sleeping and waking. This subject will be continued later in the day with the presentation: How is the sleeping-waking rhythm reflected neurophysiologically in health and illness. The next two lectures then relate to practice, discussing Sleep development and learning behaviour in the first three septenniums and Differentiation and treatment of childhood sleep disorders. A concrete case study with eurythmy therapy takes us into our everyday work as school physicians and rounds off the subject.

In working together on the first lecture from GA 218, “Experiences during sleep: their spiritual context and significance for our daily life”, our aim is to study Steiner’s statements on sleep in the original.

It is a particular concern that at the kindergarten and school physicians’ conference personal encounter, the exchange of views and mutual help are given sufficient space.

More informationen:

Conference announcement on the Goetheanum website

Conference Programm (PDF)


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