In the aftermath of hurricane Matthew, the Friends of Waldorf Education are planning to send an emergency education team to Haiti. The schools destroyed in the disaster also include the Waldorf school near Les Cayes.  … 

A year after the cosmetics and medicines producer Weleda posted losses of over eight million euros, the company has stopped the slide and reported a return to profitability.  … 

Branko Furst’s Radical Alternative

Is the Heart Moved by the Blood, Rather Than Vice Versa?

... Dr. Furst describes various animal and human studies measuring or modeling heart function and compares them with mechanical propulsion pumps engineered to maintain either constant pressure or flow under varying loading conditions. Dr. Furst’s conclusion emerging from studies of isolated heart preparations is that if the heart is in fact a pressure-propulsion pump, it is a “rather poorly designed” one, with its thin apex and relatively low ejection fractions of 50% to 60% (why not 100%?). Dr. Furst, in the introduction to The Heart and Circulation, states that, in 1920, Rudolf Steiner suggested that the heart, rather than propelling blood flow, restrains and regulates it. ...

>> Is the Heart Moved by the Blood, Rather Than Vice Versa?

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