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Scientific congresses on Anthroposophic

Medicine – June 2014 – Leiden, The Netherlands

Von: Nadine Aeberhard
The Professorship Anthroposophic Healthcare of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden, the Netherlands will host two scientific congresses on Anthroposophic Medicine. The first congress is "The Contribution of Anthroposophic Medicine to the Development of Integrative Medicine", on Thursday June 26, 2014 - 10:00 am5:30 pm. This first congress aims to discuss the development of Integrative Medicine and the contribution of Anthroposophic Medicine  to this development. The lectures will focus in particular on scientific and policy issues. The workshops also focus on IM and AM in healthcare practice. This first congress is open to all people interested in this topic, including academics, researchers, health professionals, patients, policy makers, politicians, health insurance companies, among others. The first congress is followed by a second congress, the “4th International Scientific Congress on Anthroposophic Medicine, on Thursday June 26 (8:00 pm) – Saturday June 28, 2014 (2:00 pm). The aim of this second congress is to provide an international platform for AM scientists and AM healthcare professionals where scientific projects and policy issues will be presented and discussed in order to strengthen the scientific work and the social coherence of the AM (scientific) community. This second congress is open only for AM researchers and AM healthcare professionals. The two congresses are independent and will take place at the same location, but they are not concomitant: the first will be followed by the second.  This means AM researchers and health professionals will be able to attend either one or both, if they choose to do so. This edition of the Inernational Research Newsletter on Anthroposophic Medicine will introduce many topics that will be discussed during the first congress and a ‘taste’ of the themes related to the program of the second congress, which will be more extensively described in the next edition. For more information, registration and program, please visit:

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