FondsGoetheanum: Childhood

Learning for Life

Children show an incredible ability to learn on their journey from babyhood to adult life. To accompany them on this path is a real art.

During the first years of life, children learn a huge amount. Nothing discourages them. For example, when learning to stand up, to overcome gravity. No matter how many times they fall, they start again, before taking their first steps and beginning to walk.

During the second year, after learning to walk, speaking is learned by imitation. First words are formed, then sentences. Then thinking gradually awakens. Memory begins to form.
It is beneficial for children to witness life-events, such as a hen the laying eggs or seeing cows being milked, without which we could not drink milk.

Every child is different

Each child has its own character. Children bring their own impulses. Parents can experience this in the first few days of a child’s life. Every child has specific talents, preferences and needs.
Children develop their character and skills best when benefitting from an intimate, unconditional relationship to their parents, characterised by attentive and empathetic love. Even if parents sometimes have to challenge their behaviour.
Children need love and affection, time to play, to discover nature and life through free play, and time to be themselves.

The experiences of children mark them for life

Each child is unique, growing and maturing into an individual personality. What is seen at home and at school, what is experienced when meeting adults – this becomes the ground for adulthood. Children create their image of the world and derive their values from the behaviour, the model of "grown ups". This provides the guidelines for their lives. When adults, these values will shape the future of the earth.