News of the anthroposophical life in Switzerland

What is the Journal

A German- and a French-language editorial team makes the life of the National Society visible in it: the work of the Executive Board, the Branches, the Delegates' conferences and other bodies. The names of deceased members are published regularly. Questions about the nature of man and Switzerland are addressed, annual festivals are discussed and the influence of the spirit of the times is commented on.

A 5-page calendar of events gives a broad overview of anthroposophical work in Switzerland.

Responsible editor
Konstanze Brefin Alt
Thiersteinerallee 66
4053 Basel
Tel. 061 331 12 48 |


April 2023

Anthroposophie Schweiz – Mai 2023

Mai 2023

  • Franz Ackermann: An der Schwelle einer neuen Wirklichkeit. Angeloi mischen sich unter Menschen

  • Rémi Mogenet: Molière et la Nature au coeur battant

  • Konstanze Brefin Alt: Bestätigter Richtungsentscheid an der GV der AAG

  • Peter Heusser: Zur WHO-Anerkennung der Ausbildungsstandards der anthroposophischen Medizin

  • Ornello Bernardo: Zur «Pasifal»-Inszenierung am Goetheanum

  • Catherine Poncey: «Parsifal», le chef d’oeuvre de Pâques 2023

  • Lakdar Hellou: «Parsifal», le chef d’oeuvre de l’été 1882