«The purpose of the Anthroposophical Society will be the furtherance of spiritual research; that of the School of Spiritual Science will be this research itself. A dogmatic stand in any field whatsoever is to be excluded from the Anthroposophical Society.»

Foundation Statute §9 of the Anthroposophical Society

School of Spiritual Science

School of Spiritual Science

The School of Spiritual Science is the soul of the Anthroposophical Society.

Its aim is to conduct scientific research into the spiritual dimensions of life based on methodologies that have been elaborated over many years, as evidenced by today’s many spiritual scientific publications.

The School comprises three classes, of which only the first has so far found clear expression.

It is organized in different sections, each of which contributes to the spiritual deepening of its specific subject area. Currently, there are sections for general Anthroposophy, medicine, agriculture, performing arts, literary arts and humanities, mathematics and astronomy, natural science, social sciences and the spiritual striving of youth.