Événements de ce domaine

Événements de ce domaine

Goetheanum, Dornach

Envie d’école?

Comment créer un climat éducatif épanouissant et suscitant l’envie d’apprendre tout en renforçant le „fond“ de l’homme? Journées de formation continue des écoles Rudolf Steiner de Suisse organisés par la Section Pédagogique de la Goetheanum.

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Expositions et cours

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University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada |

Bridges Waterloo 2017

Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Education, Culture

Bridges Waterloo 2017

The goal of the Bridges Organization is to foster research, practice, and new interest in mathematical connections to art, music, architecture, education and culture. All too often, mathematics can seem disconnected from or even antithetical to these other topics. We believe that mathematics and art can inform and enrich each other, that there are great ideas waiting to be found in mathematical analysis and synthesis of art, and that artistic thinking and activities can enliven the mathematics classroom.

The centrepiece of our mission is the annual Bridges Conference, typically held in late July or early August. The conference brings together an interdisciplinary group of mathematicians, scientists, artists, educators, musicians, writers, computer scientists, sculptors, dancers, weavers, model builders and many others in an atmosphere of mutual exchange and inspiration.  

Bridges typically includes invited plenary talks, contributed research papers, hands-on workshops, a visual art exhibition, a public "family day", and arts-focused performance events in music, film, poetry, and theatre.

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