Restructuring & Deepening (1923-25)


Refounding of the Anthroposophical Society during the Christmas Conference December 24, 1923 to January 1, 1924. Rudolf Steiner asks Albert Steffen, Marie Steiner, Ita Wegman, Elisabeth Vreede and Guenther Wachsmuth to serve on the initiative-oriented Executive Council and takes on the role of chairman himself.

At the same time, he establishes the School of Spiritual Science as a center of spiritual activity, with research departments (sections) in the following fields: general anthroposophy, education, medicine, the arts of eurythmy, speech, drama and music, the literary arts and humanities, mathematics, astronomy, science and the fine arts. Later sections are added for the social sciences, youth and an agricultural department.

The new Goetheanum building is intended as the center of this worldwide work. Rudolf Steiner creates a model for its exterior. Published editions of Rudolf Steiner’s lectures, previously available only to members, are now available to anyone. A supplement to the weekly Das Goetheanum becomes the Society’s publication (What is Happening in the Anthroposophical Society).


Additional cultural initiatives arise out of courses Rudolf Steiner gives at the request of various groups of people. Among them are biodynamic agriculture, which applies ecological and social principles to ensure the future of agriculture, anthroposophical curative education, with ideas for therapy, living and working with people who have handicaps, and an extension of acting and the art of speech, through his course on speech and drama in 1924.


Rudolf Steiner formulates anthroposophy in a new way during his extensive lecturing and in his Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts and Michael Letters.

Rudolf Steiner dies on March 30, 1925 after six months confined to his bed. The restructuring of the Anthroposophical Society that he started thus remains fragmented.