Metarmophosis and Identity Questions

1990 - present

Anthroposophical approaches in various fields are gradually integrated into cultural life in general. From 1989 onwards Anthroposophical Societies and anthroposophical cultural initiatives are established in Eastern Europe and Russia. Activity begins in Asia. Some of the questions raised at the beginning of the century have become the fundamental problems of civilization today.

Euthanasia, loss of childhood, genetic engineering, the ecological crisis, etc., are not just political themes of the day but will determine the future of human existence. Accompanying these developments are questions concerning the identity of anthroposophical institutions and the School of Spiritual Science.

The Anthroposophical Society renews its commitment to its founding impulse, which is to liberate the developmental potential of each individual human being through developing original awareness of one’s humanity (through anthroposophy). Emphasis is placed on:

  • Developing the School of Spiritual Science with its task of spiritually penetrating and deepening daily practical life in our time.
  • Creating networks that can serve as a forum for questions of inner development, contemporary challenges and initiatives for renewing civilization.
  • To develop the Goetheanum as a centre of dialogue and make the   Anthroposophical Society cosmopolitan.


Today there are Anthroposophical Societies in 50 countries and smaller groups in an additional 50 countries. About 10,000 institutions around the world work on the basis of anthroposophy.

While at the dawn of the 20th century the question of how man sees himself and the world was existential to a few human beings only, this has become a fundamental issue of civilization as we move into the 21st century.

It becomes evident in the loss of childhood, ecological problems of a highly industrialized world, ethical questions concerning genetical engineering and consciousness research, as well as in shifting boundaries between life and death.

These questions have become subject of worldwide debate. How they are dealed with will determine the future of human existence.