Assenza Project: a Sicilian painter in search of the truth of colour

A new exhibition of Assenza's works offers an overall view of the artistic career of the painter born in Modica, Sicily, in 1905, who experimented with various artistic trends of his time.

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Assenza Project: a Sicilian painter in search of the truth of colour

A cultural association from Rome organises an exhibition according to thematic, stylistic and chronological criteria.

In the small Sicilian town where many of his early works are still kept, Assenza had familiarised himself with the classical forms of the Renaissance school. After studying in Milan, he wanted to broaden his horizons and enlighten the latest artistic impulses in Europe, especially Impressionism and Expressionism, and decided to leave Italy for France and Germany. In Munich, through the exhibitions of degenerate art organised by the Nazi regime, he became acquainted with the paintings of Franz Marc, Emil Nolde, Paul Klee, among others.
On the basis of around 50 works, the exhibition aims to shed light on the artist's various periods and themes: the Sicilian works, the Milanese and later Expressionist-inspired portraits, the Roman landscapes and the turn to colour perspective, which became his main field of research, expression and experimentation.


The initiator, organiser and curator of the exhibition is the cultural association Amici di Beppe Assenza from Rome, in collaboration with the Bio-Stiftung from Arlesheim (CH) and the Cultura Sì Foundation (IT). The painter encountered anthroposophy and Goethe's colour theory in Rome and there he made the fundamental turning point in his artistic career. Later, with a group of friends and students, he decided to settle in Dornach.

The exhibition will open in Pozzallo (on the south-eastern tip of Sicily, near Modica) on 23rd September 2023, followed by Rome in December and Milan from February 2024. A further stage in Basel is currently being organised. The Assenza Project has also organised art conferences and workshops where people can experience Assenza's method of painting with watercolours. Performances in dialogue with the paintings on display are planned to better capture the eurythmic element in his artwork.

Eurythmy. From the late works.



30.09.2023, 17:00 

Cosmetics and Colour. With Giuseppe Ferrara, Director of Argital.

07.10. 2023, 17:00

The link between medicine and art. With Dr. Carmelo Samonà

14.10.2023, 17:00
Beppe Assenza's method. Theory and workshop with watercolours. Led by the artist Tommaso De Angelis.


Giovanni Tobia De Benedetti



Roman landscape.

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