«One must be able to think in colors and forms as one is able to think in terms and thoughts.»

Speech Formation

Speech formation and drama based on anthroposophy are contemporary spiritual art forms developed from 1903 onwards in collaboration between the spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner and the actress Marie von Sievers.

They draw on a long tradition and have been further developed for the practical areas of performance art, education and therapy. The foundation of anthroposophically orientated dramatic art is the artistic interpretation of literature (in epic, lyric and dramatic styles) in recitation, declamation and conversation.

This, in turn, draws on individual and authentic, artistic expression, taking account of the laws inherent in speech and poetry, such as sound, rhythm, gesture of word and breath, content and style. Speech formation is an art of speech practised as performance art in speaking and acting, at readings, recitation to accompany eurythmy, and in theatrical plays.