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Anthroposophically oriented places of training in Switzerland

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Bachtel dairy

The products of the Bachtel dairy are made exclusively from silo-free Demeter raw milk from biodynamic farms that let their horned cows outdoors every day.

Sennhüttenstrasse 13
8342 Wernetshausen Hinwil

Tel 043 843 12 20  |

Beekeeping by nature

Beekeeping course and further training for prospective and already active beekeepers.

Atelier Liestal
Heidenlochstrasse 118
4410 Liestal  /

Daniel Stamm
Tel  061 922 25 71  |

Bio-Stiftung Schweiz

The Bio-Stiftung is a non-profit foundation for the promotion of environmentally friendly products and alternative consumer behaviour.

Fabrikmattenweg 8
4144 Arlesheim

Tel 061 515 68 30  |

Biodynamic training in Switzerland

The Biodynamic Training Switzerland in Rheinau is a small agricultural school. The training to become a specialist in biodynamic agriculture is aimed at people who want to delve deeper into sustainable agriculture, the preservation of biodiversity, social issues and their own self-awareness.

Ochsengasse 8
8462 Rheinau

School management
Tel 052 510 18 00  |
Tel 052 319 40 28  |

Biofrischdienst Horai

Horai has been a marketing and distribution platform for producers of organic food since 1982. The organic fresh service supplies retail shops, restaurants, hotel kitchens, etc. in the canton of Bern.

Kirchgasse 30
3312 Fraubrunnen

Markus Keller
Tel 031 380 53 33  |

Consumers' Association

The Swiss Consumers' Association, founded in 1955, is committed to high-quality Demeter food, taking ecological criteria and social aspects into account. The association brings together regional consumer associations, institutions, individual members and patrons. Through further training for consumers, the association shows backgrounds, skills and opportunities in order to be able to actively help shape the economy of tomorrow.

Gentenwisstrasse 15
8332 Russikon

Tel  044 955 07 42  |

Crop Development Fund

Promotion of non-profit organic plant breeding.

Seestrasse 6
8714 Feldbach

Peter Kunz
Tel  079 708 95 49  |

Demeter Switzerland - Association for Biodynamic Agriculture & Demeter Association

Biodynamic agriculture strengthens the soil, the plants, the animals and the people, because it always starts from the whole. The farmers consciously design all sub-areas of the farm in a healthy cycle to the identity. By nurturing each part, the whole develops.

Krummackerweg 9
4600 Olten

Tel  061 706 96 43  |

Demeter farm Breitlen

The Demeter farm Breitlen is a Demeter vegetable nursery in the Zürcher Oberland, which tries to price associatively in direct exchange with customers and employees.

Hof Breitlen 5
8634 Hombrechtikon

Jürgen Käfer
Tel  055 244 34 00  |

Department of Nutrition at the Section for Agriculture, Goetheanum

The work in the nutrition department promotes individual competence and spans the spectrum from cultivation to nutritional culture and includes the social dimension: from the earth to the human being, to be shared. On the one hand, it is about the question of which nutrition people need for an healthy, physical and spiritual development, and on the other hand, through the choice of food, people are co-producers and thus co-creators of the world in which they live.

Hügelweg 59
4143 Dornach
Fachbereich Ernährung, Sektion für Landwirtschaft, Goetheanum

Dr. Jasmin Peschke
Tel 061 706 41 32  |

Fertilizer preparations

Advices and publications on Rudolf Steiner's biodynamic preparations.

Längimoosstrasse 6
3075 Rüfenacht

Walter M. Stappung
Tel 031 832 62 68  |

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Demeter farms

Demeter stores

Garden center at the Goetheanum

Together with the architecture of the Goetheanum, the 12-hectare garden park forms a total work of art. It offers diverse, changing impressions and opportunities for nature experiences all year round. Orchards shape the main character of the area, rose and flower beds, themed gardens such as medicinal plants or dye plants complement the vegetable and cut flower areas. The grown vegetables are sold twice a week.

Hügelweg 74, Postfach
4143 Dornach

Tel 061 706 43 61  |

'Gen Au Rheinau' seed breeding

Gen Au Rheinau is committed to breed natural, non-GMO seeds for tomorrow's world.

Klosterplatz 1, Postfach
8462 Rheinau

Tel: 052 304 91 27  |  Email:

Grain breeding 'Peter Kunz'

The objectives of biological plant breeding are comprehensive, because it is about the task of further developing the entire variety of cultivated plants and not just about distinguishing them from conventional breeding or genetic engineering. Grain breeding Peter Kunz has been dedicated to this task for 35 years.

Seestrasse 6
8714 Feldbach

Tel 055 265 17 89  |

Hans + Wurst Naturmetzg

The Demeter and Bio-Bud labels testify to the high quality of the meat and sausage from Naturmetzg.

Poststrasse 56
8462 Rheinau

Hünibach Horticultural School

The Hünibach Horticultural School is a training place for biodynamic horticulture. It sees itself as a community to whose growth everyone who lives and works there contributes.

Chartreusestrasse 7
3626 Hünibach

Tel 033 244 10 20  |

Poma Culta

Poma Culta promotes the breeding of new apple varieties that are particularly suitable for biodynamic cultivation.

Mühledorfstrasse 17
4577 Hessigkofen

Niklaus Bolliger

Tel  032 661 13 85  |

Research Institute for Organic Farming - FiBL

FiBL is one of the world's leading research institutions for organic agriculture with various locations in Europe. FiBL's strengths are interdisciplinary research, innovations in collaboration with farmers and the food industry, development projects oriented towards solutions and rapid knowledge transfer.

FiBL Switzerland
Ackerstrasse 113, 5070 Frick
Tel 062 865 72 72  |

FiBL Germany
Kasseler Strasse 1a, 60486 Frankfurt am Main
Tel +49 69 71 37 69 90  | info.deutschland(at)

FiBL France
Pôle Bio - Ecosite du Val de Drôme
150 Avenue du Judée, F-26400 Eurre
Tél  +33 475 25 41 55

FiBL Austria
Doblhoffgasse 7/10, 1010 Wien
Tel +43 1 9076313  |  mobil +43 676 7898358  |

FiBl Europe
Rue de la presse 4, B-1000 Brüssel
Tél +32 22 27 11 24  |

'Sativa Rheinau' seed breeding

Sativa Rheinau was founded in 1999 to ensure an independent and GMO-free seed supply for organic farming. From the beginning, Sativa worked with both agricultural seeds and market gardening.

Chorbstrasse 43
8462 Rheinau

Tel 052 544 06 00  |


Section for Agricolture in the Goetheanum

Through the partakers in the biodynamic movement around the world, the Section comes into contact with many questions, ideas and challenges, which are taken up in a variety of projects and international events together with partners. In this way, the Section encourages inspiration, renews the view of the basics of biodynamic and combines research with practice.

Hügelweg 59
4143 Dornach

Jean-Michel Florin, Ueli Hurter (Heads of the Section)
Tel  061 706 42 12  |

Soil fertility fund of the Bio-Stiftung Schweiz

Fertile soil is the basis for healthy nutrition, today as well as in the future. At the same time, a fertile soil counteract global warming by storing more CO2 than conventionally cultivated soils. The soil fertility fund is a long-term initiative with the aim of being able to pass on as much fertile soil as possible to future generations.

Bio-Stiftung Schweiz
Fabrikmattenweg 8
4144 Arlesheim

Tel 061 515 68 30  |

Steiner Mühle AG

As a purely organic mill, Steiner Mühle has been processing grain, oilseeds and legumes from controlled organic and biodynamic cultivation since 1995. The company, founded by Gottfried Steiner in 1959, offers complete solutions for industrial processors, wholesale, retail and specialist trade, commercial bakeries and health food stores, from grain acceptance to the finished product in individual consumer packaging. The wide offer of goods includes several hundred different organic products.

Langnaustrasse 144
3436 Zollbrück im Emmental

Tel  034 496 96 00  |

Stiftung Fintan

The Fintan Foundation serves as a base and roof for a number of legally and economically independent companies and projects. A community of Fintan companies and Fintan partners came into being. The basic common focus is the conscious combination of biodynamic agriculture and social therapy. Other focal points of the Fintan Foundation are art, science, business and education.

Klosterplatz 1
8462 Rheinau

Tel 052 304 91 91  |