Events from all fields

Goetheanum, Dornach

100 Years Christmas Conference at the Goetheanum – That Good May Become

Cent'anni dopo il Convegno di Natale del 1923, il Goetheanum in collaborazione con la Società Antroposofica in Svizzera organizza un convegno dal programma particolarmente ricco, per «tentare di intensificare ulteriormente il lavoro e di portarlo avanti nel futuro nel senso di un inizio di svolta universale dei tempi».

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Exhibitions and courses

L'AUBIER, Montezillon (Switzerland)

'Daring Independancy' 2023-2024

Nine months of full-time training, based on anthroposophy, for young people aged 20 to 35.
Morning classes - Associative economy, three kinds of money, threefold social order, ownership of entreprise.
Afternoon workshops - Theatre, ground work with 'Curly' horses, observation, modeling, eurythmy.
Practical work in our different areas - service, kitchen, farm, cheese-making, outside, shop or reception.

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Foyer Haus Wegman, Pfeffingerweg 1, 4144 Arlesheim

“Still in mir will ich sein“ – Exhibition of Andrea Raiser's paintings

The paintings on display represent an attempt to approach the cosmic-spiritual laws of light and darkness.
Vernissage on Sunday 29 October at 4 pm in the foyer of the clinic's Therapiehaus. Introduction by Susanne Gassler-Kreuzer, speech artist from Ulm (DE), and musical accompaniment by Claudia Rordorf and Kathrin Gass.

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