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L'AUBIER, Montezillon (Switzerland)

'Daring Independancy' 2023-2024

Nine months of full-time training, based on anthroposophy, for young people aged 20 to 35.
Morning classes - Associative economy, three kinds of money, threefold social order, ownership of entreprise.
Afternoon workshops - Theatre, ground work with 'Curly' horses, observation, modeling, eurythmy.
Practical work in our different areas - service, kitchen, farm, cheese-making, outside, shop or reception.

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Foyer Haus Wegman, Pfeffingerweg 1, 4144 Arlesheim

Contemplate, sense and experience the essence of colours. Pictures by Elke Bühler.

For Elke Bühler, creating pictures is often a struggle, an endurance, a searching and finding in mindfulness and devotion. At some point, a feeling of inner peace and fulfilment sets in as she explores the colourful spheres.
The vernissage will take place on Sunday, 10 March at 11 a.m. in the Therapiehaus (Klinik Arlesheim) with an introduction by Eliane Diesbergen and music by Jörg Dinglinger.

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KunstSchauDepot der Stiftung TRIGON, Juraweg 2-6, 4143 Dornach

Parsifal exhibition at the KunstschauDepot Dornach

Peintings by Irma von Duczyńska, E. Leonora Hambrecht, David Newbatt, Urte Copijn, Heide Oehms, Esther Gerster, Friederike Lögters, Bettina Müller, Ignacio Guisasola, Hans Hermann, Inka Schubert, Daniel Boillat, Christiane Usadel, Elisa Wannert and others.

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