At its heart, anthroposophy is a path that gradually reveals the true nature of the human being, and leads the individual from self-knowledge to the spiritual in the world. It is a path of love.


General Secretary’s Report from Dornach Dec 2016

Consider ‘Spirit visioning’, the future approaches us and in taking initiative we take on responsibility for the future. … >>

Finding the spirit in life

The Rose Chamber by Caroline Brown is a moving account of a journey into spiritual realms through meditation, as Christian von Arnim found when he read the book for NNA. … >>

Executive Council of the Goetheanum: Constanza Kaliks is nominated as a new member

The Goetheanum's Executive Council has nominated Constanza Kaliks, leader of the Youth Section, to join the council. This was announced on Members Day on November 7, 2014 at the Goetheanum. … >>


Goetheanum, Dornach

Leading Thoughts - At the Dawn of the Age of Michael

The open conference of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland turns in February 2019 to the socalled Michael Letters and Rudolf Steiner's Leading Thoughts as an Impulse of the Christmas conference 1923/1924.


 …  >>

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