At its heart, anthroposophy is a path that gradually reveals the true nature of the human being, and leads the individual from self-knowledge to the spiritual in the world. It is a path of love.


Consider ‘Spirit visioning’, the future approaches us and in taking initiative we take on responsibility for the future. … 

The Rose Chamber by Caroline Brown is a moving account of a journey into spiritual realms through meditation, as Christian von Arnim found when he read the book for NNA. … 

The Goetheanum's Executive Council has nominated Constanza Kaliks, leader of the Youth Section, to join the council. This was announced on Members Day on November 7, 2014 at the Goetheanum. … 


Goetheanum, Dornach

The Representative of Humanity and the Gospel of Knowledge

Michaelmas conference on the publication of the book "In the Field of Tension of World Forces - the Representative of Humanity in Rudolf Steiner's Sculpture, Painting and Glass Etching.


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