«Whoever wants to educate children with developmental problems and disabilities will never be finished, but will find that each child presents a new problem, a new mystery. But he will only discover what he needs to do in each specific case if he allows himself to be led by the real Being within the child. It is not a comfortable job, but it is the only one that is real.»

Rudolph Steiner

Opportunities in curative education

Early childhood counselling

From the very early years, sometimes even in the first months of life, decisive indications can be given for helping children with developmental disabilities or with retarded development. Besides the professional special educational, medical or therapeutic assistance, the counselling and support of the parents is an important factor.

Special education at kindergarten level and integrated kindergartens

The curative care of the child happens in community with other children. Stimulation for the development of the child originates in a structured environment that offers, for instance, curative play and therapeutic care.

Special schools, schools with small classes, integrated schools

The special schools offer a curriculum on the basis of Waldorf Education. This includes a content adapted to the age of the child, an intense involvement with each subject through teaching in modules, and learning through alternating between community and individual instruction. It includes medical and therapeutic care. There are Special Schools available based on a variety of needs and principles; as special day schools, as schools with small classes, as schools within the framework of a home, and as integrated schools.

School Communities, Homes with schools, Institutions for Children with special needs

These are for children who, because of their family or social circumstances, require continuous care, support and a structure of living. Here their living environment (home), school and therapy work hand in hand in a functioning social and methodological approach

Ambulatory special education

By this means children with developmental problems, problems in schooling, and psychological problems are cared for with the aim of letting them continue to live in the family and be schooled in their usual school or kindergarten.