«We must create the conditions that will allow the person with disability to structure their own work and living environment, and not assume at the outset that we know better what his needs are.»

Karl König

Opportunities in social therapy

Communities for Adults

These offer a total living environment in which living, working, free time and cultural activities are all included. Many of these institutions are communities in which those who are and those who are not disabled live together. Functioning as a way of life in themselves, they have taken on the task of networking as a subsystem within their worldly environment, but particularly also to support the individual needs and circumstances of their inhabitants. You will find these institutions both in urban and rural settings.

Workshops and Sheltered Employment

These initiatives enable people to work on the manufacture of products that combine aesthetic value with a practical function, and where the manufacturing process is geared to the needs of those who do the work. They enable the co-workers to become a social organism. Besides the different areas of production, there are also various therapies and programs for further education on offer.

Living communities and supervised living

These combine support in independent life in an own home with living in a small community with others, who also want and are able to live more independently. They can find individual and social support in supervised living.