The therapeutic spectrum

Anthroposophic medicines:

Medicine discovery, preparation and use are based on the anthroposophic understanding of the human being and nature. The mistletoe preparations for cancer treatment created through such an approach – Abnoba viscum®, Helixor®, Iscador®, Iscucin®,  – are particularly well known in this respect.

Therapeutic procedures:

  • Therapeutic sculpture (clay modelling), therapeutic painting, therapeutic creative speech, music and singing therapy
  • Eurythmy therapy introduced into medicine as a new movement therapy
  • Rhythmical massage – the rhythmical application of ointments, as well as many different very effective external applications in nursing
  • A special form of gymnastics for patients based on Bothmer gymnastics, which has been in existence since the 1920s, is being developed as therapeutic Bothmer gymnastics and Spatial Dynamics
  • Pyschotherapy and biography work, including advice on self-development and meditative training
  • Internationally recognised therapy programme for addiction

Close collaboration with educationalists, support for school physicians, and worldwide practice of the anthroposophic conception of support based on curative education and social therapy in over 350 facilities, including the Camphill movement in 26 European and 12 other countries worldwide