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Dimitris answer

At first, I thought that this was a bit of a silly question. Surely, every child knows that cows have horns, or so I assumed.

FondsGoetheanum: Landwirtschaft - Dimitri

But, on second thought, I have to say that many children may never have actually seen a cow, or they saw one with its horns taken off.

My answer: of course all cows have horns, and they are enormously important. Horns and hooves are part of the cow just as hair and fingernails are part of us, as human beings. Everything that nature gave us, or the cows, was given for a reason. I consider it a criminal act to simply take away the cows' horns, which, by the way, are supplied with blood.

The horns of dead cows are also very useful in biodynamic agriculture. But even if the horns only had an aesthetic purpose, I definitely wouldn’t remove them. We should leave nature alone, and enjoy and respect its beauty and wisdom.