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“Conversations and immediate impressions are important.”

What you say

A perfect combination

For decades our family has had very positive experiences with Anthroposophical medicine. We were especially pleased with the combination of conventional and complementary medicine. We feel that we are understood and treated as individual personalities, which has encouraged us to take more responsibility in dealing with health and illness.

Otto Stich, former Member of the Swiss Federal Council


Doctors and Anthroposophical medicine.

The extension of natural science oriented conventional medicine through Anthroposophy has significant effects on diagnostics, therapy and medical ethics. To achieve the aim of taking into account the whole of the human being, Anthroposophical medicine needs a new methodology. In a three year part-time programme based on scientific criteria the ‘Anthroposophial Seminar for Doctors’ introduces this methodology, complementing the conventional approach, that is purely based on analytical thought, with the abilities to perceive the human being in its entirety as a physical, mental and spiritual being.

Dr. Christoph Schulthess, Ita Wegman Clinic, Arlesheim, Switzerland


A holistic perspective

My own experiences with Anthroposophical medicine have always been very positive. I was already treated by an Anthroposophical doctor as a child. His holistic perspective on my wellbeing made it possible for me to go through the illnesses, also with the care of my parents and the support of the Anthroposophical medicines, and, despite a delicate health, to develop forces that I can rely on today. I have a strong immunity system, I am fit and can take a lot of pressure. Now I do the same for my children. When my father became seriously ill I experienced how Anthroposophical medicine was used to complement conventional treatments and he was still surprisingly well for many years, also compared to his fellow patients who he kept meeting again and again in the clinics. He died last winter peacefully and with dignity.

Christine Arncken