A film about Social Threefolding

This documentary is an attempt to derive the necessity of the three areas of Rudolf Steiner's Threefolding through individualisation, globalisation and industrialisation

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Second newsletter of the Swiss Threefolding Movement published in October

The current issue of the newsletter Dreigliederung Schweiz - Bewegung für soziale Erneuerung (Threefolding Switzerland - Movement for Social Renewal) appears with a colourful cover. The magazine is aimed at members of the movement and all interested readers.

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Triple Governance: Hayek's Lost Thesis

In 2010 Arthur Edwards passed an invitation from the Mont Pelerin Society to Dr. Christopher Houghton Budd to write a paper on Friedrich von Hayek, Winston Churchill and Rudolf Steiner. This is now published as 'Triple Governance: Hayek’s Lost Thesis' in the book 'Hayek: A Collaborative Biography' (Palgrave Macmillan 2018).
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Graduation Ceremony 2018 at Heliopolis University

At the same time that Heliopolis University (HU) is launching two new faculties and receiving new students, the six-year-old educational entity bid farewell to its third batch of graduates. Around 150 graduates are now going to start a new phase in their life, aspiring to become the ambassadors of sustainable development.

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Ownership Conference: Steward-Owned Companies

Do wee need a new form of ownership to tranform capitalism? What is steward-ownership and might this be the solution? The  Ownership Conference, 30-31 October 2018, Berlin will bring together “steward-owned” companies and entrepreneurs looking for solutions to succession and long-term oriented ownership.
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Awakening to Global Book-keeping

Awakening to Global Book-keeping

In our time, money and bookkeeping are coming together to form an organ of perception for economic life. It is now time to give conscious expression to this organ so that it can allow me to perceive more than my own point of view, to grow beyond myself and thus to cross the threshold that separates “me” from the others and from the world.

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A film about Social Threefolding

The increase in individuality demands a free intellectual life in which everyone can contribute their individual abilities. Globalisation demands an associative exchange and increased communication between the different needs of those involved all over the world. This is the only way to recognise when we are behaving antisocially towards other parts of the world. Thirdly, industrialisation demands democratic protection against the exploitation of labour.
The following film attempts to show how these three demands can come together in harmony. Rudolf Steiner published the ideas of Social Threefolding in the spring of 1919, shortly after the end of the First World War. It seemed clear to him that the old, in some cases even undemocratic forms of rule were no longer in keeping with the times. With Social Threefolding, he pointed out a revolutionary possibility for radical self-disempowerment.
A good 100 years later, most social reform approaches are still hampered by the fact that they go hand in hand with a claim to power. Social threefolding is a great help here because its open-ended approach looks at the concrete people acting together in social interaction. Moreover, the threefold structure does not attempt to organise society via a central body, but instead allows social decisions to be made between people in three different ways...

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Film screening ZUSAMMENSPIEL

Suggestions for a social threefolding of public life

Sunday, 25 February 2024, starting at 19:00 (doors open at 18:30)

Cameo cinema, Lagerplatz 19, 8400 Winterhur
(Organised by the Group from Winterthur)


Rethinking ownership

A public research colloquium to develop new perspectives on corporate ownership.

Saturday, 17 February 2024, 08.30 - 16.30, Rudolf Steiner School Zurich, Plattenstrasse 37.

In the twentieth century, there were essentially two major currents on the question of ownership of companies: State ownership and private
ownership. Both forms of ownership have proved inadequate for an environmentally sustainable economy based on individual ethics. Are there legal forms that are more suitable for this?

Speakers: Marc Desaules, Dr. Jens Martignoni, Lukas Hotz, Dr. Simon Mugier et al.


General Assembly of the Swiss Society for Threefolding

Saturday, 2 March 2024, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Christian Community Basel, Lange Gasse 11, 4052 Basel


  • The three ideals and their significance for the present (Ursula Ostermai)
  • Insight into the Threefold Movement in Switzerland (Michael Gambarini and Fionn Meier)
  • Exchange with the members: What steps are necessary to help the threefolding movement achieve a breakthrough?

Up to now, membership has been limited to initiatives and organisations. At the General Assembly this restriction will be lifted and membership will also be open to individuals who wish to contribute to the realisation of the threefold structure. The General Assembly is therefore also open to people who are not yet members but would like to become members.

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